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Technical Watchmaker Show

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Technical Watchmaker Show, always on the run!

The Technical Watchmaker Show (TWS) 2024 will be held as usual at the Anciens Abattoirs de la Chaux-de-Fonds
from Tuesday, September 10 to Friday, September 13, 2024

For this fifth edition, the organizers have taken into account exhibitors’ remarks and comments to improve the event and meet their expectations even better. In this way, the TWS maintains its focus on watchmaking professions, while targeting a broad spectrum of microtechnology fields.

This year’s event marks a milestone in the life of the TWS. Exhibitors now seem firmly established in the magnificent hall of the former abattoirs, to the delight of visitors who have shown increasing interest since the first edition. First and foremost, the TWS reflects the particularly demanding know-how of the Jura arc, but that’s not all. The organizers’ aim is to bring together the best players in the microtechnology world to offer visitors a highly qualitative, varied and complementary range of expertise.

The TWS is intended to be a real platform for exchange, offering a week-long opportunity for constructive discussion and exchange, with the aim of developing joint business in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

At the last edition in 2023, the event attracted some 60 exhibitors and almost 2300 attentive, enthusiastic visitors, from Switzerland, neighbouring countries and overseas. For this 5th edition, over 65 exhibitors are already expected. All motivated to showcase their latest products and skills, whether in the crafts, technical or industrial fields.

As usual, the show will feature areas dedicated to

for exhibitors and visitors, a quality restaurant and a suitably equipped conference room, and a lounge-café area lounge

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